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Education & Training

Gatekeeper Suicide Prevention

Founded by Dr. Paul Quinnett, a clinical psychologist and prominent figure in suicide prevention, the QPR Institute operates under the principles of "Question, Persuade, Refer." Dr. Quinnett's vision for the institute is to deliver practical and impactful suicide prevention training to diverse audiences, including mental health professionals, educators, first responders, and community members. The QPR training model, embraced by Stuck In The Middle (SITM) staff who are certified QPR Instructors and gatekeepers, empowers individuals and organizations to adeptly recognize signs of suicide risk, engage with empathy, and connect those in crisis with the appropriate help and resources. This industry-leading approach is a valuable tool for communities seeking to proactively intervene and support both youth and adults in distress

For QPR, we offer:

Individual and group training
Virtual and In-Person

If you're CPR certified, you could be QPR certified too!

Email us to schedule your training today.



 "We may not have it all together, but together we  have it all."                                                                                                   - Unknown

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Parenting Education

Our Parenting Education Enhancement Program is taught by a Certified Breakthrough Parenting® Instuctor. The program is designed to empower and enhance parents and caregivers with valuable tools and resources to navigate the challenges of raising children. Through informative workshops and expert guidance, we help parents build strong, supportive relationships with their children while promoting healthy child development.

Mental Health First Aid

in partnership with Mental Health Association,

New Jersey

In collaboration with the Mental Health Association New Jersey, we offer Mental Health First Aid training. This evidence-based program provides individuals with the skills to identify, understand, and respond to signs of mental health and substance use challenges. By reducing stigma and fostering empathy, we aim to build a more compassionate society that prioritizes mental health.

 "Empower the youth with skills today, and they will build a better world tomorrow."                                                                                                                   - Unknown


Youth Empowerment Workshop

.EmpowerU is our dynamic youth empowerment program it unlocks potential through interactive workshops, mentorship, and skill-building. Focused on fostering leadership, self-esteem, and social responsibility, EmpowerU shapes the next generation as change-makers.

Mind Matters (2024): Join our youth mental health workshop, providing a safe space for emotional well-being exploration. Through discussions, activities, and guidance, participants gain insights into stress management, resilience, and mental health, fostering a positive and resilient mindset.

UniquelyU (2024): Tailored for ages 13-22, UniquelyU is a transformative skills-building program emphasizing individuality. Through hands-on workshops and mentorship, participants discover their talents and strengths, preparing for personal growth, academic success, and future careers. Embrace individuality and reach full potential with UniquelyU. 

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The MisEducation and Education in Mental Health

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The MisEducation and Education in Mental Health is a series of insightful discussions featuring mental health clinicians and individuals with lived experiences. These critical conversations delve into diverse topics affecting us all. The forum aims to foster understanding and enlightenment about mental health in the context of relationships, family dynamics, youth, work, and beyond. These dialogues are crafted to cultivate awareness, promote acceptance, and offer coping strategies. The overarching goal is to dispel any misconceptions surrounding the influence of past and present trauma on the mental well-being of both youth and adults. Both Mental Health clinicians and people lived experiences are invited to attend our table talk discussions by submitting their form requests. 

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