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Art From The Heart

Art From The Heart (AFTH) focuses on youth and adults cultivating their mental wellness and self-healing through art-making and expression. This program works in conjunction with or without talk therapy. Students aim to achieve better self-awareness, inner strength, courage, and resiliency, leading to self-actualization.


Healing Artist Aademy will provide art making exercises that teach students about the healing impact of art making. This eight week curriculum will instill the importance of artistic and emotional expression through active participation. This art practice can work in conjunction with clinical therapy. Students will develop their own artistic language, learn how to self actualize through art making, draw in charcoal, paint in watercolor and acrylic, use a visual journal to express themselves, and learn automatism (automatic drawing). At the end of the course, students will participate in a group exhibition (virtual or group) sharing their experience of the course and the artwork. 



Self Care Journaling

Self-care journaling requires the individual to delve into one's thoughts, emotions and feelings with the purpose of seeking clarity, self-discovery and sparking a journey to better self-awareness and wellness from within!

Just a few benefits of journaling for self care includes helping to reduce stress, increase your ability to solve problems more effectively as well as  improve your mental and physical health.

Music Therapy



Poetry, whether writing or reading it is a therapeutic tool used to process emotions and  provides comfort and boost mood during periods of stress, trauma and grief. The use of poems, stories, song lyrics, imagery, and metaphor helps to facilitate personal growth, self-healing, and greater self-awareness.  


Yoga/ Meditation


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Starting in Summer 2023


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