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Becoming Unstuck

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

Thanks to those that came out and supported us by attending the Becoming Unstuck workshop. We appreciate you sharing your personal stories. Hoping that you received as much valuable information as you have contributed. The conversations were both informative and engaging and we hope you will begin working on and achieving the vision you created for yourselves.

Thank you to our presenters, Dr. Angela Clack, Mary May and Tanya Norwood for sharing their knowledge and professional advice with our attendees. The information they provided was invaluable and top notch! We picked the best and they gave their best.

For those that missed this event, hold tight and continue to follow us on Facebook and

Dr. Angela Clack explains the 8-steps to healing yourself

Instagram @stuckinthemiddleorg and Tweet us @stimorg, we’ll be announcing our next workshop and other events soon.

Mary May, MFT tailored the game of Tabu just for us and what fun did we have!

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