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Our Founder and Co-Founder


Teah Hughes, Founder of Stuck In The Middle, is approaching graduation with a dual degree in Psychology and African American Studies at Penn State University. Teah is also a naturally gifted artist and an aspiring entrepreneur in Beauty and Hair Care. She continues to follow her childhood passion for animals by volunteering at her local animal shelters and works as a Vet Tech. Her mission and vision for Stuck In The Middle evolved from her own personal experience as a child in middle school becoming emotionally impacted by her parent's separation and contentious divorce. Teah continued to be a resilient, well-rounded honor student and athlete throughout high school. She served in various volunteer capacities and was even awarded the prestigious NAACP President's Youth Image Award. During her senior year Stuck In The Middle became her mission which is now to ensure children like her and her brother would have the resources needed to help minimize the mental trauma and grief suffered from their parent's separation or divorce early on during this process.


April Payne-Hughes is a native of Philadelphia, PA, and has lived in Winslow Township, NJ, for more than 25 years with her two children and pets. While working full-time, she completed her B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting from Drexel University. She later earned her MBA with a concentration in Network Communications and Management from DeVry University. She retired early with more than 28 years of service in the areas of telecommunication technology, field operations, and customer service. April has supported and volunteered with many organizations over the years.  As Co-Founder and Executive Director, she now devotes and volunteers her time with Stuck In The Middle. As a lifelong learner, she continues pursuing her personal and educational interests while developing new skills to enhance the organization's long-term goals. April wears many hats but undeniably admits that wearing the hat of MOM is not only the biggest hat but the best hat she's ever worn. She proudly honors and commits to her title as MOM first. It's her most important responsibility. Her motto is, "No Matter What, My children Comes First."

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