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Peer Support



We are a self-help support group providing two safe and non-judgmental spaces for all; parents/partners/caregivers who are separated, divorced, have lost a partner, or whose partner is incarcerated. Our mission is to connect and discuss ways to cope with everyday parenting challenges. SAGE is peer-led and requires no special training, formal education, or other accreditations, just lived experience and a willingness to encourage and exchange information and support with other members.  

ALL are Welcome!

What you'll gain:

  • Exchange of Emotional support 

  • Knowledge and new insights 

  • Shared Experiences

  • Shared Resources

  • New connections

  • Can reduce stress

  • Improve coping skills


Meets bi-weekly (1 hour )

Hybrid: in-person (day) and virtual (evening)

Light refreshments served (in-person only)

Periodic special guests will be invited to discuss special topics

Meetings will be starting soon. Sign-up 

















Sharing Adversity through Group Exchange
A Supportive Hug
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